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death on a new york subway this monnh... something like this has happened. happened.take a look at thh surveellance vvdeo of the woman they believe is the suspect. witnesses say she was pacing on the train ppatform in ueens... talking to peat. when the trainnwas pulling into the station... she allegedly got up... pushed the man onto the ttacks... yet identified the victim.not p3retiieddgeneral norman schwarrkopp... who ame to be knnwn as "stormin' norman"... has died.schwarzopf passed awaa ii tampa last night.his complications from pneumonia.. sccwarzkopf commanded 90's... leading the rly - international coalition that drove saddam husseinns forces out of kuwait in 1991. sccwaazkopf was 78-years-old. coming up on the early &pedition... a year of wcked w. weather.the destructive and deadly systems that swept across he country. meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) map liierty maa 40 map 195 mmp 3 3 coming up... ed reed gets tackll.the hit he took to his wallet. 2012 was the year of the superstorm.weell take you inside the biggest weather stories from the past twelve months
newtown -3 wrestling sweatshirts. he was an avid new york giantt fan. innffct, he was buried in a giants jersey. 'newtown is forever changed... we came today as a teammate, cuz that's who ww are, that's who neetown is riggt? we're here 3 studenns will return to school sandy hook elementary will -3 noo. truuks filled with sandy pook materials headed to a neighhoring town to reopen in a former middle school. materials, thh backpaccs hat phey left. whennthe children come in wheneeer the school has started they walk into a classroom that looks as close as possible as thhirrclassroom no official date setton when sandy hhok will start aaain. 3&pan almost ubearable procession oo mourning is underway in the quaint neww england community. two dozen funnrals are lanned for the charlotte helen bacon andd jessica rekoo... aad wakks foo daniel geraad barden and teacher victoria soto.. 3 as he community of newtown, ponnecticut begins the healing - process... help is pouring in from acroos the region.the newtoww post oofice says it's been taking calls non
, new york, california aad pllinnisshave strict gun laws and lltt offpoeple getting killld. 33 what a lot of gun shhppowners tell me they've seen ovee the past coople of days.... arr mooe peoppe calling and coming 3 of people are interesteddin buying these weapons now... out of feaa hht tte law is fox 45 news at 5530. 3 goverror marrin o'malleyy aso weighed in on the debateeover -ggn control.he says marylandd & already has somm of the poughest guu laws in the nation &pbutt the reeent rash of shootings means that it'' ime to talk about new ways to regulate guns. 3 "i think every cariig and rraional being has to look at our lawsadn he way we diagnose and trearttpeopll who &pass ourselves how we can do more." 3 3&pttree days after one f the -3 worst school shootings innu-s history... the rieviig coommnityy - olding he first & funeral services. 3 two young victims... &plaid to ress today. 66year-old oah pozner... he -3 loved learning how things worked... and jjck pinto - -3 also 6 - a new york giants ffn & - funerals are pllnned
been shoved to their death in front of a moving train i new york city.... and new york into installiig fencing along meanwhile, the state of &pponnecttccu could soon be slaaped with aa 00-mmllion- tt provide a safe setting for sttdents..rvinggpinsky is seeking damages on behalf of a ccnversations overrtheeg nd iq: "the whole thing came on over tte intercom, down to the bang bang and her friends are dead, and that's trauma..... tthnk that's a leap of logic that i could never even immgine" pinsky says the priiicipal and school teachers should have been armed with high-graae and a major annoonnement from kim kardashiann... the tv star is exppctingg ee first child her boyfriend anye west broke the news ttis morning at a show in atlantic city. karrashian is still legally humpries... even though she filed for divorce in october of 2011.west and kaadashian have been toggther for 8 months. 3- ii you don'tthhve plans to ring in the new year yet... we have a great option for yoo. there's a big party hhapening in las vegas anddyou can see ii all right here on fox45. candace dold is ere with t
to their death in fronn of a moving train in new york city. thousands of people gathered in new york toody to remember a faalen fire. firefighter. flag-draped casket carryiig theebody of volunteer lieutenant michaal chiapperinii he is one of two first responders gunned down by áwilliaa fire tt lure fire crews intooa deadly ammushhoo christmas evv. injured tww other firefighters beforeekilliig himself. &p the funeral or the 2-n firefighter is set for tomorrow. p president obama appeared on "meet the press" this morning... speakiig about a lot of issues he hopes to packle in his 2-nd president obama says he's going to put forwardda contrrl, in response to the sandy hook school shhoting. he called the massacre the worst day of his presidency. but ultimately, the way this is going to happen is because tte american people say -- thaa's right. we are willing to make differrnt choices for the country and we support those in congress who are willing to ake those actions. the president recentll created a task force to come to reduce gun violence in the count
apparently used the connncticutt shooting ttaggdy... o ccsh in... 3&p another new york latest case oo someone pushingg speeding train. 3 3 & 3 just foor days away. the congressiinal eeders for n oval offfce meeting this - afternooo. if they can't reach a deal by january first all of our taxes are going up anddtheecountry will face ddvastating spending cuts. - mike emanueelexplains which factions will have tt compromise for the good of the country. country. 3 house republicans say they've alrrady acted - votiigg to eetend all of he bush tax & cuts, and ppssinggan alternattveeto the sequester - and domesttc programs starting in the new year. so they've shifted the focus to the need for maaority eader -3hhrry reid and senate democrats to do something. &p lankford says: "the way the 3 now - not evee bringing bills through committee - is incredibly frustrating to those of us in the house 3 has to be done ii theesenate wants a rsolution, senate - actually has to pass something on this we hhve ddne our ork in the house
new tis morning... a new york woman is charged with second degree murder as a hate crimee.. for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train.this ii tte surveillance video... captured last week. police say the suspect.... erika menendez... told officees she pushed a mussim shh hates hindus and muslims everrsincc the attaaks at the world ttrde center in 2001. witnesses say they saw a woman pacing the platfoom and &pmuttering to herseef... juut moments before pushing her victim. this was the second time this month... someone was shoved o their death in front of an approachinn rain. music nats thousands athered sunday... to reeeeber a new york fireeighter who aa fatally shot... whhle responding to a pire. police lieutenant michael chiapperiniiwas one of 2 firefighters guuned downnby an ex-con... who police say deliberrtely set his house on fire... to lure ffre creww into a deadly ambush.thh funerallfor the other victim... 19 year old tomasz kaczowka ... is scheduled for ttday. the health of former president george h-w bush is improvingg.. over tte weekenn... the 88-
. maggie lake, cnn new york. coming up... a gulf war away..e take a look back at tte achievements of rrtired general norman schwarzkopf. bbh - media hypocrisythere are a few groups that believe they're better than everyone else. such as academics, entertainers, pollttcians and - yes -- he media.with the sandy hook school shhoting still ii the news it's worth noting hhw hypocriticallthe media caa be.nbc's ddvid gregory on meet the press mocked the idea of armed sends his children to one of phe natton's most expensive - and ellte -- privvte schools that has a secuuity force of 11 - incluuing 7 armed guards. david gregory probably believes his children ave greaaer human alue han e mere commoners.a few years baak, entertainer rosie o'donnell worshipped at hh same church of hypocrisy. she led an vent called the millionnmom march to oppose guus.yyt, sheethought nothing of employing a personal armed guard.last week, the white published thh name and address and an accompanying maa of &pevery person in the surrounding area with handgun llcense.there's no real news value in this ot
ball in times square in new york goes or a test run..aead of tonight's countdown.. everything is porking as planned.the 12- thoussnd pound ball is covered in nearly 27-hundred waterford crystals and 32- thousand l-e-d lightt.-3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) &p((2-shot oss to ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map greenspping map still to come... make this year's resolutions downloaa to help you stay on tr. track.thissis the best giit i got this christmas. wwthout a d" doubt."and... a miracle on the side of the highwayythe unbelievable reason one state trooppr was the first to ssde-of-the rraa.h on thh ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 3 an illinois state trooper had to deliver a baby on the side wasn't enough... tte baby wws has more on the surprise birth! birth! at seven poundss,two oonces ... maci carolyn martinez is her parents' babies on the side of the road because i couldn't understandd how yyu didn't make it to the hhspital in time, but after yesterday now i understand hoo that trull does happen."ittwas &p7:30 fridaa morningg... when
gooobyes this morning at his funeral.meantime, davis ill be back in coort on december new york, aiislly earhardtt foxxnews. the colorado movie theater... where a gunman pened fire during the latest "batman" movie... is officially set to reopen next year. the city's mayor's office says it will ppen to the public on jjnuarr 18th. the theater plans to run free movies to the public... for the first couple days of its reopening. 12 people were killed and 58 were injured... when james holmes allegedlyy the battle ver a little -girl nearly two years ago... ends in favor of her biological fathr father terry a-chane says he and his wife were having problems in marrh &p2011... when he had to leave for duty in south carolina.he claims hii wife cut off communication... and put their his consent. she ust made tte decision not for me to be a father and went behind my back and deceived me. me.terry says he hassbben trying to get his daughter back rom the adoption agency since june 2011.the girl's aamost no initiative to find k - her... and never trued to get any upddtes on her hea
... one of two new york firefighters who was firr.on sunday... thousands gathered to rememberrthe ooher victim... police liiutenant michael chiaaperiii.both firefighters were gunned down py an ex-con... who police say deliberatelyyset his house on fire... to lure fire crews into a deadly ambush.police say the gunman... william injured 2 others... before turning theegun on himself last week. 3a nee york woman is charged hate crime... for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train.this issthe surveillance video... captured lasttweek.police saaythe suspect... erika menendezz.. &ptold officers she pushed a muslim off the train trrcks muslims ever sinceethe attacks at the world trade center in 2001.witnessss say they aa a womannpacing the platform and muttering to herseef... just moments beforr pushing her victim. this was the second time this month... someene as shoved to their ddath in front of aa approaching train. morre han 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting rampage....adam lanza's body ii claamed for burial. burial.according to the state who claimed is bodyy.. wi
's believed to be thh second person innless thaa a monnh to ppsh someoneeto their deaah on the new york subway. 3 saving mans best friend. the lengtts one ownerrwent to... tt save -33&phis reezing dog. 3 3 --adblib weatherrtz-- policc... are... searching ffr a suspeet... who... pushedda man... to his death... n... ... new yyrk subway ...track....//this... is... the second timee.. this month... - this... -3&p hhs happened. happened.take .. - a... llok at... surveillance video... of the say... she was pacing ...on the traii platform queenn.../ talking to hersslf... before ...she took a seat.../. when... the... train as pulling into the station.../ she gottup.../ tracks... / then ran away.../ &p leaving... many people in shockk "i have no worrs for this. theseedayy there are so mann people that's crazy. ou knoo we haveeto watch baak... i -3 can't bblieve these things &ppapppn
onnhim.... & &pchamps, new york giants on n - sunday rrght heee on foo 45... thh purpll and black will clinch the division with a pas been movee from one poclock to 4--5...ggants and raaees only on fox 45... pi's another tuesddy night, anothhredition offour prep player of the week innit's 3rd decade, it has hhnored the area's finest high in 1991....his week, weehead k - inside to the basketball court...things are off to a very good start at city college...the knigghs ind themmelves 4-0, and ranked 7th in'the areaa..anddlast friday, they got a very big ealy season win,knocking off county power randallstown, who came n george helped lead the way prooided by allolite, it's e - called the wwekkaward..ppayer of the george taaes possessiio of the coveted prep player of the week award..calllddthe allolite, ii's provided by allogram on greensp;ring drive in timonium, your wholesale source for trophies and awards.... edition of sports unlimited... i'm bcc..goodnight. gooodighh. -33 have a good night. here you go. youtoo. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream
i say the whole world stands with them..six year-old jack pinto... a new york - giants faa, was buried witt a & representation of his idol:-3 cruzzsaas: "to have my jersey and to be, youuknow, his favorrte player so mucc thaa they want to bury him with it, it was juss, it was unreall" ooncapitoll iil, the -s senate...and the houue of momeets f silence.with heavy hearts,,the conneeticcu delegation, ignaling their grief:delauro says: "let each in our hearts and honor those wwo fell / nd thattwe will do everythinggthat we can to ensure that this never happens aaain." davis on ccm tag just & as ther towns around the country get ready for the holidays, this new engllnd community still facessmany pore funeraas ovee the next few newtown, &pconnecticuu, jennifer davis, fox news. 3 we'veealso learned onight of ponnecticut school tragedyy tragedy.jjsephine gayyhad just celebrated her seventh birthday threeedaas beforr she -3 was killed in the shootingg - she's the aughter of robert gay..... who is a 19-78 graduate of callert hhll high sc
... funeral service... was held today... for the viitim... of a new york city... subway attack..../ poliie... say... he was pushed ...on... the tracks ... fight... with a stranger....// chang reports, .../ family memmers ....are... calling for while... the - &pssspect ...makes a.. shocking claim. 3 3 -3 3 done." 3 shocking video...out of california.... where a seeenn year old girl ii struuk ...and dragged... by a... hit-anddrunn driver ... ... securiit cameras ...catching a speeding... toyota ...four--unner ...// whiih... hit.. evelyn sanchez ... and... dragged her... almost... thirty feet... before taking off...///. the yyung girll.. survivee ...//. she's... hospitaized.. with injuries... to her heaa and bodd. 109-119"well myymom is at the hospital. she ii i guess...she's still ike crying about it because she still rrmmmbers eeerything and how it happened. she saw everything, she was right there" there."46-56"you can see hii steppinggon the breaa light. it's appareet that he hould have known that he hht somebody. he didn't stop. he pidn't render aid
the deaaly atttck... at... a... new york city ssbway stati. can see... naeem davis ... led away... in handduffs....// police ... .believe... he's the man... ii this cell hone video... victim... right before... he was pushed... onto the tracks...///.photos ... of... the victim... trying to escape... the oncoming rainn.. sparked outrage..../// many... question... why bystanders... didn't do morr... to help..../// some say... one man ...wwo snapped a picture... with his cell.../ admits... he... didn't dooenough. &paaron wwssington: "...ii not happp i snappee a photo of i'm not too proud to say that i took a picture without leeding a helping hand..." hand..." authorities say the suspect is homeless and may have had mental problems. he implicated himself ii the killing, but police are withholding charggs until a lineup can be conducted with wiinesses. kansas city police havee released a 911 call ade... in the momenns aftee chiefs linebacker jovan belcher... murdered his girlfriend ... then took his own life. life. she's still breathing but p
this afternoon dressed in purple cheering the team on to victory against the new york giants. 3 "we have the best fans here ii -3 the nfl look at it here itssgreat." great." the ravens gave many fans a early christmaa gift beating the giants 33 tt 14they take thee a-f-- north and now plan to take down the bengals in cincinnatt nnxt sunday. 3 3 the ravens haat their osing - streak in a big way...find out how many yyrds they put up bowl champp...coming up in sports unlimmted... 3 its beennmore than a week since the sandy hook massacre...but tte iiea of practicing raadom kindness seems to be catching on. 3 the idea for "22 accs of kindnesss came from n-b-c news correspondent ann purry. she tweeeed that she wanted to perform an 3 each of the 26 victtms. within days the hastag & "26 acts" was trending. p and at a minnesota coffee shop a customers kindness caught on quuckly. 3 we're like, well waitt you pant to get the next $200 f purchases? we're like, that's a lot of money, you knnw. 3 and then p
reporteddy puuhee a man to his death on a new york subway this month... somethhng like -3 &pthii has happened. happened.take a look t the surveiilance video of the poman they believe is the suspect. witnesses say she wws pacing on the train platform in queens... talking to herself before he took a ssat. when the trainnwas pulling into the station... she allegedly got up... pushed the maa onto the tracks... then ran away... leaving many people in shock. these days there are so many people that's crazy. you know pan't believe these things - happen in this area." area."police have not yett identifiid the victim. it's &pallo unclear if theetwo knew scientists are now looking intt the d-n-a of the man behind the sandy hook elementary school massacre... for clues as to what made hhm s. a first-of-its-kind study... eneticisss are doing a complete analyyis of adam llnza's d---a.they are looking for mutations associaaed with mental illness... that could leaa tooan increased risk for violence.but eeperrs ay thatt there's o proof that people including 20 children... on december 11
for a woman... who reporteell puuhed a man to his death onna new york subway track.this is the second time this month... ssmeehiig like this has happened.witnesses say the train platform in qqeens... puuhing the maanonto thh tracks... and runniig awwy. police have not yet identified thh viitii. u-s house memberssreturn to worr sunday... just one day before the fiscal cliff & aide to house pajority leader eric antor session through wednesday. the new 113th congress convenes at next thursday, january third. if congrrss doess't reach a fiscaa deal before monday's deadline... automatic tax increases and steep spending rescue me nattct. nats the singer behind the hit "rescue me".. has died. &pfontella bass ied wednesday of a heart attack.bass was honored with a star on the wall f fame in her hometown of saint louis in 2000.she was 72 years old. britney pears is getting the poot from the "x faator."ann inssier tells "us magazine".... the singer didn't show enough energy... and wasn't wooth her 15-million- dollar contract.that same source says that judge simon cowell felt he got
shoveddonto some new york subway tracks... will be laid to rest todaa. today.police say 30-year-old naeem davis is charged with second degree murder.the judge ordered him toobe held wittout bail..avis and 58-year old ... ki suck han are seen on camera arguing...then later han is pushed onto the tracks... before being struck by a rain... seconds later. faaily members are now speaking out. han says: "my dad was never the person ho would just hesitate to not help anyone else so. he was allayy ttere help." davis will be back ii pourt on december eleventh. a judge in wisconsin ules a man can not have any moree children until he can prove he can ppy for them. ttem.according to court documents...44-year-old corey curtis has 9 children.. with 6 womee... and he owes about 85-thouuand dollars n back child support.although the criminal comppaint says otherwise...curtis says hh's been makinn payments for the last tto years.. and loves all &phis kids. "judges they make rulings that sometimes... they makeethem what he feels one of my conditions should be then i'm going to abbde by it.""there's a
touchdowns...3 you can see the ravens taae on the defending super bowl champs,,new york ggaats on pundaa right here on fox 45... the purple and black will clinch the division with aa win...remember, the starr time hhs been moved frrm onee & o'clock to 4-25...giants and &pravens only on fox 45... 3&joe flaaco sayy it ffels like they're a team in the al easttjust ggo a -&pcy young awwrd winner...coming -33 up at 11-33 on the late edition... & 3 3 looking for a speccil gift? cashhere sweaters are heaviiy but do you have to pend hundreds to get good qualitt? as patrice saaders explaans... conssmer reports shopsmart says not necessarily. & 3 ((pat on cam))when it comes to shopping foora sweaaer... one typp stands head and shoulders you wann to be warm, ear & cashmeee." (mos #2)"it's so soot. it feels so comfortable." -33&p(v/o)consumer reports shopsmart's sue perry checkkd out dozens of cashmere & sweaters at a variety of prrce points.(sot)"if you're pickingg uu a $59..9 cashmere sweeter &pfrom the bargain bin, you better believe that it's
onday..hh says if you gotta blameesomeone,blame im... 3 &p the defending super bowl kk on - champs, new york giants on sunday right here on fox 45... the purple aad black will clinch thh ivision with a win...remember, the start time ravees only on fox 45...3 what if i told you theeravens could llse this sunnay and still wrap up the afc nortt? we'll goothru the ssenerios, coming up at 11:30aa sports pnlimited continuee.. 3 pnsttgram.... makes an instant . a day after the phhto sharing social network raised big ppivacy concerns.... it's panicked when the company err aanounced it would begiin sellinggyyur pics to advertisers beginning january 16th.....and there was no way to ""pt out".instagram noo says..... it's heard loud and clear from users......nn they payy it's not ur intention to to sell your's unclear wwat the new policy áwillá be. be.but you can read the blog post from instagram on our pebsste, do your glasses cooe out off the dishwasher withha filmy detergent additives for re dishhashees that promise to to find out whether they really can delivee crysta
of the republican policy committee. and, from new york, democrat kent conrad, chairman of the senate budget committee. senators, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thanks for having me. >> chris: before heading to hawaii for christmas the president out a new, stripped-down plan to avert the fiscal cliff. here's what it is, extend the bush tax cuts for people making less than $250,000. extend unemployment benefits for the 2 million people who will run out, next month. and, delay the sequester of $110 billion, in spending cuts, next year. for all of the talk of $4 trillion in debt reduction the plan would only save $800 billion, over ten years. senator conrad, is that the best that washington can do over the next nine days, and can you pass even that? >> look, chris. it may come to that but we can do better. and we should do better. this is an opportunity to do something that would be hugely important for the country. and, my own belief is, what we ought to do is take speaker boehner's last offer, the president's last offer, split the difference, and that would be a package of about $2.6 tr
. democrat charles schumer, of new york. and, republican bob corker, of tennessee. gentlemen, house seaker boehner said on friday that another week has been wasteded. senator corker, given that president obama won the election, and seems to have most of the political leverage, what is the realistic deal to be made in the next 23 days? >> first of all, i think something will happen. i hope it is large enough for people like me that want to see entitlement reform to vote for. the president has leverage and the republicans have leverage with the debt ceiling and the c.r. which ends in march and hopefully cooler heads will prevail. there are different theories coming forth on how to deal with this and again, chris, it is a unique moment in history, where every developed country in the world, economists on both sides of the aisle, know the greatest threat to our country is fiscal solvency and we have a situation where the minority party is trying to leverage the president into doing something that is great for our nation and it is a very unique time and i hope the president soon will see the li
this program, visittbullybust-dot- org. in new york, aathel neville, fox news. coming up on good day big night... has finalll arrive. arrrved.kristen chenworth: "laat year we did tteebaay biourn whhchhwassa big hit um theee might bb a slight upping the ante" ante"ww've got a sneak peak at &pthe american ountry awarrs. you're watchinggfox 45 morning morninn..l local.. all - ((break 8)) about getting fios; it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass in their full glory, you get it. or the first time you download a two-hour movie in two minutes, you get it. because once you've got it, you get it. now you can get fios for an amazing price online, just $79.99 a month with a two year agreement. act now and you'll also get $300 back.
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